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Spotify Scraper

Ali Akhtari May 09, 2020

Python Spotify Web Player Scraper, a fast high-level Spotify Web Player Scraper, to scrape and extract data from Spotify Web Player with the most efficient and fastest methods. instead of using Selenium, I used requests library to increase the speed of scraping. You can set cookies, headers, and proxy and download the cover and preview mp3 song of Spotify songs besides the scraping.

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Create Your Own Web Scraper only in 6 line of code with Python 3 - part 1

Ali Akhtari March 28, 2020

Have you ever wonder how the search engines like Google, Bing, etc show you billions of web pages in less than a second? Every search engines have their Robots, which we call them Web Scraper and Web Crawler. These robots index billions of webpages and store them on their databases. Today I'm going to write a Script with Python3 which extracts data using Web Scraping and it only includes 6 lines of code.

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