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About Me

    I appreciate how challenging modern computer programming can be and I am pleased to be able to provide a number of unique skills to any employer. I am enthusiastic to take on new and challenging tasks; this is the only way to gain further knowledge.

  • Experienced with Building full Web development/application life-cycle, responsibility of templates, database design using Python, Django, HTML, CSS, Flask, Bootstrap, JavaScript.
  • Used Apache and Nginx to deploy production site.
  • experienced with Implementing Web Services and API’s in python.
  • Experience in using Design Patterns such as MVC and frameworks such as Django, Flask.
  • Intermediate in SQL databases.
  • Good knowledge in maintaining version controls systems, GIT.
  • Experience object oriented programming (OOP) concepts using Python.
  • Experienced in working with various Python Integrated Development Environments like IDLE, PyCharm.
  • Experienced in working with various Python Libraries such as BeautifulSoup, Requests, socket, selenium and a lot more.
  • have experience with python Multi thread, Multiprocessing and asynchronous programming.
  • Good knowledge in Bitcoin and cryptography and Implementation of Bitcoin IPG.
  • Expert in creating Telegram Bot.
  • And a lot More ... .

My Services

  • Python Development
  • Django Development
  • Web Scarping
  • Linux & Networking
  • HTML, CSS & Bootstrap
  • Git version control systems
  • Web Servers (Apache & Nginx)
  • Java Script

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